How Impact.VOTE Works

Curious about how Impact.VOTE works? Read more to find out.


Impact.Understand the IMPACT you can have on the elections you can vote in and grow your knowledge of how the candidate you choose could change your life.  By pledging to vote, you immediately earn an Impact SCORE based on how competitive each race is on your ballot. 


 Vote. Make a plan to VOTE.  Find all the information you need on how to register,  how to vote by mail or in person, and even how to set reminders for yourself for key election deadlines.


 Engage. Increase your impact by inviting your friends and contacts to join you on a voting team.  By engaging friends, especially  in high impact states and races, you’ll watch your Impact SCORE go up fast with every pledge to vote they make.


 Learn. Keep up-to-date on what’s happening with the latest news, videos, points-of-view and content about this election cycle and share it with your friends.


Have fun. Enjoy a little friendly competition with your voting team to see who can have the biggest IMPACT in this election cycle. The more people on your team, the more impact you generate! See how you and your team are doing against each other and all the other Impact.VOTE members on your leader boards.

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